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Summary of the Labour Relations Act, no. 66 of 1995 (With ...

This Act sets out the laws that govern labour in South Africa. It is guided by Section 27 of the Constitution, which entrenches the rights of workers and employers to form organisations for collective bargaining.Together with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, it also ensures social justice by establishing the rights and duties of employers and employees.

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In the United States, labor relations in the private sector is regulated by the National Labor Relations Act. Public sector labor relations is regulated by the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 and various pieces of state legislation. In other countries, labor relations might be regulated by law or tradition.


SCHEDULE 8 OF LABOUR RELATIONS ACT CODE OF GOOD PRACTICE: DISMISSAL [Schedule 8 amended by s. 57 of Act No. 42 of 1996 and by s. 56 of Act No. 12 of 2002.] 1. Introduction. This code of good practice deals with some of the key aspects of dismissal for reasons related to conduct and capacity. It is intentionally general.

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The Labour Relations Act Table of Contents Bilingual (PDF) Regulations: WHEREAS it is in the public interest of the Province of Manitoba to further harmonious relations between employers and employees by encouraging the practice and procedure of collective bargaining between employers and unions as the freely designated representatives of ...

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The Labour Relations Act contains provisions outlining the labour relations rights and responsibilities of employers, trade unions and employees. The Act guarantees employees the right to seek collective bargaining with their employers and establishes a framework for employees to make this choice freely.


Labour Relations 7 [Issue 1] NO. 14 OF 2007 LABOUR RELATIONS ACT [Date of assent: 22nd October, 2007.] [Date of commencement: 26th October, 2007.] An Act of Parliament to consolidate the law relating to trade unions and trade disputes, to provide for the registration, regulation, management

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Our staff can't provide legal advice, interpret the law or conduct research. You may be able to obtain assistance from a lawyer or paralegal.

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Collective Bargaining Ontario provides neutral collective bargaining information and resources for use by the labour relations community, the public and all levels of government.. Developed by the Ontario Ministry of Labour, this website features resources and tools that provide labour relations information and trends in Ontario via interactive graphs and charts, searchable databases and reports.

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Labor organizations represent millions of workers in the United States. The Department of Labor's Office of Labor-Management Standards is responsible for administering and enforcing most provisions of the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959 (LMRDA). LMRDA directly affects millions of people throughout the United States.

National Labor Relations Act of 1935 - Wikipedia

The National Labor Relations Act of 1935 (also known as the Wagner Act) is a foundational statute of United States labor law which guarantees the right of private sector employees to organize into trade unions, engage in collective bargaining, and take collective action such as strikes.

Understand How the Labour Relations Act Affects You in the ...

According to the official South African government online site (), the labour relations act applies to workers, employers and trade unions. The purpose of the labour relations act is not only to protect everyone in the workplace but to also promote economic development, fair labour practices, peace, democracy and social development.

Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 | South African Government

- Amended by Labour Relations Amendment Act 6 fo 2014 from 1 Jan 2015 - Amended by General Intelligence Laws Amendment Act 11 of 2013 from 29 Jul 2013: S 2 - Amended by Superior Courts Act 10 of 2013 from 23 Aug 2013: S 151, 154, 170 - Amended by Public Service Amendment Act 30 of 2007 from 1 Apr 2005: S 213


Short title 1. This Act may be cited as the Labour Relations Act.. 1977 c64 s1. Back to Top. Interpretation 2. (1) In this Act (a) "arbitration board" means an arbitration board appointed under this Act or a collective agreement and includes another body selected by the parties to a collective agreement to settle a difference between them;

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Module 5: Rights of employees in terms of section 189 and 189A of the Labour. Relations Act. Rights of employees in terms of section 189 and 189A Module 6: Section 189/ Dismissals for operational requirements of the Labour Relations Act. Introduction to dismissals for operational requirements

4.1 Legislative History of the Labour Relations Act ...

Jul 27, 2016· In 1950, Ontario introduced the Labour Relations Act. This legislation, building on P.C. 1003, established the legal foundation for collective bargaining in the province. Post-war, labour relations in Canada tried to balance the interests of capital and labour within a free market system.

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No. 66 of 1995: Labour Relations Act as amended by Labour Relations Amendment Act, No 42 of 1996 Proclamation, No 66 of 1996 Labour Relations Amendment Act, No 127 of 1998 Labour Relations Amendment Act, No 12 of 2002 ACT To change the law governing labour relations and, for that purpose- ... Department of Labour .

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Acts Online provides legislation, including amendments and Regulations, in an intuitive, online format. We are the leading resource for freely available Legislation in South Africa and are used daily by thousands of professionals and industry leaders. With Acts you are guaranteed the latest and most up to date resource for your legislative needs.


-(1) This Act may be cited as the Employment and Labour Relations Act and shall come into operation on the date as the Minister may by notice published in the Gazette, appoint. (2) Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (1), the Minister may appoint different dates for the commencement of different Parts of this Act.

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The Labour Relations Act (LRA), Act 66 of 1995 aims to promote economic development, social justice, labour peace and democracy in the workplace. Application. The Labour Relations Act applies to all employers, workers, trade unions and employers' organisations, but does not apply to -

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Labour Laws in South Africa, including the basic conditions of employment act, labour relations act, national minimum wage act, employment equity act, unemployment insurance act, occupational health and safety legislation with regulations.

Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Act

Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Act Separate Agency Designation Order (SOR/2005-59) Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Regulations (SOR/2005-79) Order (1) repealing Order in Council P.C. 2018-1201 of September 25, 2018; and (2) designating the Minister of Democratic Institutions as the Minister for the purposes of the Act (SI/2019-23)

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No. 16 Labour Relations Act 1996 6 "strike" means concerted action resulting in a cessation of work, a refusal to work or to continue to work by employees, or a slowdown or other concerted activity of employees that is designed to or does limit production


Aug 07, 2017· The Labour Relations Act applies to all employers, workers, trade unions and employers' organisations. It does not apply to: National Defence Force, National Intelligence Agency, or; South African Secret Service. The Labour Relations Act (LRA), Act 66 of 1995 aims to promote economic development, social justice, labour peace and democracy in ...


They must also provide the Registrar of Labour Relations with financial reports, lists of members, changes of addresses, information on the election of its office bearers etc. [Chapter 6: Part A] Registrar of Labour Relations The Act makes provision for the appointment of a Registrar of Labour Relations.

Labour Relations Act, 1995 [No. 66 of 1995] - G 16861

NO. 66 OF 1995: LABOUR RELATIONS ACT, 1995. It is hereby notified that the President has assented to the following Act which is hereby published for general information:-No. 66 of 1995: Labour Relations Act, 1995. ACT To change the law governing labour relations and, for that purpose- to give effect to section 27 of the Constitution;

Labour Relations Act 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)

Labour Relations Amendment Act 127 of 1998 Labour Relations Amendment Act 12 of 2002 Intelligence Services Act 65 of 2002 Electronic Communications Security (Pty) Ltd Act 68 of 2002 General Intelligence Laws Amendment Act 52 of 2003 Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act 12 of 2004 ACT To change the law governing labour relations ...

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The following acts govern labour relations for specific groups. Public Service Employee Relations Act covers the bargaining relationships for: provincial government as an employer civil service Alberta Public Service provincial agencies, boards and commissions post-secondary support staff Police ...

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Define labour relations. labour relations synonyms, labour relations pronunciation, labour relations translation, English dictionary definition of labour relations. pl n a. collective relations between the management of an organization and its employees or employees' representatives b. a set of such relations in a wider...